Barber Tips


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for barber and personal appearance workers is strong and growing. As a barber you are operating as a small-business person. You may work in a shop owned by someone else, but you are your own boss. You will have to advertise, maintain customer relations, constantly sharpen your skills and brainstorm creative ways to make people choose your service over those of your competitors.

Business Cards
  • As a barber, your business cards are a key advertising tool. Order double-sided, color business cards because they are more effective and allow you to add more information. On the front is your basic information (name, cell phone number, e-mail address, website, and shop address). On the back put picture of one of your styles and a coupon or other offer, such as $10 off the first visit.

Treat Your Customers Right

  • Being a successful barber isn’t just about cutting hair well. You also have to develop a strong relationship with your customers to keep them coming back. Go above and beyond to make your customer feel comfortable while in the chair. For example, you can offer your customer a cold drink once he is settled or place an electronic back massager on the chair.

Research Fresh, New, Modern Styles

  • Hairstyles for men change frequently. For instance, faux-hawk styles have become very popular in the new millennium. There is also a trend of cutting intricate patterns, names, and messages into the hair. To keep your business busy and attract new clients, be aware of and trained on all of the new hairstyles that are popular with young people. Go to barber classes, conferences and hair shows that are focused on learning new cutting techniques. You can also trade information with your barber friends.

    Subscribe to hair magazines, like Barbers Only Magazine. Go to regularly to watch instructional videos by barbers.

Woo Women

  • Men aren’t the only people who need barbers, so you should not limit your advertising efforts to reaching them. Women who wear short hairstyles, especially ones that are shaved in the back, on the sides, or low like peach fuzz, tend to prefer barbers over regular hairstylists. When you create your fliers and business cards, be sure to mention that women are welcome and add a few pictures of your female clients.