Barbering Certification

Shaving, cutting and trimming hair involves risk of infection and disease if barbers are not properly trained in safety and cleanliness procedures. For these reasons, each state requires that barbers and barbershops be certified, licensed and regulated.

  • Training

    • Anyone who wishes to enter the barbering profession must train at a barber college approved by the state to learn to shave, cut, trim and chemically treat human hair. Some states allow apprenticeships (training by a licensed professional) to substitute for post-high-school education for the person qualifying to take the state exam.

    Physician’s Certification

    • In most states, a physician must certify that each barber applying for a license or renewal of a license is free from infectious or communicable diseases.

    State License

    • Graduates of a barber college earn a certificate from the college, allowing them to either work as an apprentice or to apply to take the state exam. Passing the state exam will allow a barber college graduate to operate as a certified barbering professional.

    Shop License

    • Owners and operators of barbershops must apply to the state before opening the shop to obtain a barber operator license. The owners must maintain the records of each barber’s certifications and display the license prominently in the shop.