Barbering Standards

Barbers are professionals who assist people with improving their personal appearance by cutting hair, trimming beards and shaving. Barber license laws serve the purpose of assuring that barbering standards are met while protecting the public from possible harm. It is important for barbers to receive the proper training to become licensed before working with clients.

  1. Responsibilities

    • Barbers are responsible for knowing how to sanitize and sterilize objects, to prevent the spread of infection and disease. Professionals are expected to maintain personal hygiene practices such as appearance, cleanliness and healthy eating habits.


    • Some states require a barber to have a GED or high school diploma. Barbers are required to complete a state-licensed barber program in most states. It is common for full-time barbering programs to last about nine months.


    • A barber license is required to practice barbering in every state within the U.S. Upon completion of an approved barber training program, students are able to sit for a state licensing exam. The exam is split into two sections, which are the written and the practical.