The Barber School will train men and women for challenging and rewarding careers in the field of Barbering Arts and Sciences.  Our philosophy has grown out of the simple belief that an education at The Barber School should be useful.  Our mission, as a school, therefore is to provide optimum educational opportunities and guidance.  With this mission, our students may formulate and achieve their professional and personal goals, as well as develop the skills, knowledge and the attitude that will enable them to become involved, contributing members of their business communities.  Graduates, becoming a barber, are able to assume roles at the entry level in the profession with a greater potential for future advancement either by further education or practical experience.


It is our aim to:

1) Produce skilled and knowledgeable professionals who will be prepared with the necessary fundamentals to enter the Barber Industry.

2) Create the best learning environment available by emphasizing short-term progress, individualized attention, progressive teaching methods, and relevant equipment of “hands-on” education.

3) Assist each student in achieving his or her own professional aspirations by helping to match these aspirations with existing personal, technological and economic conditions.

4) Assist graduates to become employed in the technical areas for which they have been prepared and to maintain a placement office to carry on such assistance.

5) Respond to the requests of business, industry and other agencies for specific training needs and education programs and to evaluate and revise programs when appropriate.

6) Produce a reasonable profit, which will insure growth and improvement in the students, staff, facilities and equipment.

Becoming a barber will be an exciting new change, that will challenge and reward you for years to come.

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