Barbers Versus Stylists

There are men, and few women, who prefer the way a barber cuts their hair and then there are women and men who would rather go to stylists for their haircuts. In few states, barbers are licensed to shave beards with straight razors while stylists are certified in every state to color hair along with several other beauty procedures such as waxing.

Both barbers and stylists are trained and certified to cut an individual’s hair. There are some major and a few minor differences between these two professions, including the price a patron pays for their services and the gender of their customers.


Barbers date back to the ancient Egyptian culture and in the western era, they performed dentistry and some simply surgeries. When beards went out of fashion and a clean-shaven face was in style, men went to a barber for a straight-razor cut and a hot towel to help soften his facial skin and shrink large pores.

A barber’s prices are typically low because they do not have a lot of overhead and usually only employ one or two other barbers who sometimes rent a space or work on commission.

The advantages of visiting a barbershop today are few because many of them tend to remain in the ‘old-school’ era of haircuts and shaves. Many older men and men in the military frequent barbers as well as African-Americans for specialized cuts. Most barbers are rarely busy and it is easy to obtain an appointment anytime of the month.

The barbershop has long been a symbol of men and their ability to gather without women intruding. Women had the beauty shop and men had the barbershop; however, today both men and women tend to seek the services of stylists over either a barber or a beautician.


Today’s women tend to head to a stylist rather than their mother’s beauty salon. Stylists can perform a number of different procedures besides cutting and coloring hair, although that seems to be their main business. Stylists also tend to see individuals of all ages and genders rather than one specific type of person.

A stylist will offer services such as shampooing a person’s hair, then combing it out and cutting it. Then they will blow-dry it and style it in a way that is flattering to the individual’s face and body structure. This is what they have been trained to do. They pick up on the shape of a person’s face, their nose width and length and even the way their ears are attached to their head. A stylist combines all the information from what they see with the condition of the person’s hair, including the color, and then offer suggestions as to what would look best on that individual.

A typical shampoo and cut normally cost around $15 to $25 in an average hair salon. A color, depending on what the original color of a person’s hair is and what color they want to go to, would add around $65 to $100 more. Perms are another service stylists offer and their prices depend on the length of the individuals hair because that determines the amount of curling formula used to activate the curl prep liquid.

One of the advantages of visiting a stylist for a hair cut or color is they are typically more up-to-date on the latest haircuts and the way people are wearing their hair in your area. Some haircuts are timeless while others are dated and many women and men want to be stylish and keep updated with the latest trends in hair cuts, colors and styles. Many of the stylists take refresher courses and if they are certified, they have to renew their license every few years, which also requires updates to their knowledge base of styles.