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High School Students learn about barbering career opportunities during “March Industry Madness”

High School Students learn about barbering career opportunities  during “March Industry Madness”

During the month of March, The Barber School will host its first “March Industry Madness” Open House from March 1 to March 31, Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Students and representatives from various Memphis and Jackson,

How to Get FAFSA for Barber School

After the excitement of being admitted to barber school wears off, you may start to worry about how you will pay for it. Rest assured you will not have to pay for your whole tuition out of pocket. There are

Two Location: Memphis and Jackson, Tenn

Exciting news for The Barber School! We have two (2) location (Memphis and Jackson, Tennessee). The Barber School’s expansion into Shelby and Madison County will allow those in the community looking to continue their education or start a new career …

Barber Tips


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for barber and personal appearance workers is strong and growing. As a barber you are operating as a small-business person. You may work in a shop owned by someone else, …

Barbering Certification

Shaving, cutting and trimming hair involves risk of infection and disease if barbers are not properly trained in safety and cleanliness procedures. For these reasons, each state requires that barbers and barbershops be certified, licensed and regulated.

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About Barbers

Barbering goes as far back as anyone can remember. Barbers are most well-known for giving men simple haircuts and also for giving them a close shave.
Things have changed over the years and barbershops are not as common as they

How Much Does A Barber Make a Year

Barbers provide services such as haircuts and shaving. A barber gets paid differently depending on where the barbershop is located and how much traffic the shop receives. Building a long-term clientele is essential in making the most money in the …