Our Future Is In Our Hands: The Process of Enrolling Into The Barber School

Our Future Is In Our Hands: The Process of Enrolling Into The Barber School

Are you doing hair out of your kitchen or cutting hair on your porch? Are you ready to work for yourself and make a career out of your talents? Are you ready to turn your life around and learn a new trade? Barbering is not just another job, it’s a career. At The Barber School, you will learn the skills and gain the knowledge that you need to prepare to become a licensed barber. There is no better feeling than to be able to have a career that can support yourself and your family. The Barber School can be that career.  You can enroll in The Barber School in a few simple steps:


  • Choose one of our three locations. The Barber School has three locations in Tennessee and you can enroll in either school that’s convenient for you.


      • 1309 Jackson Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee
      • 6290 Winchester in Memphis, Tennessee
      • 77 Carriage House Drive in Jackson, Tennessee


  • Apply for financial aid. The Barber School offers various options for financial aid including pell grants, loans, and Veteran education benefits. Here are some quick and easy steps to apply for financial aid:

Gather all materials needed:


        • Tax return for prior year applying for (will need parents’ information if under 24 years old)
        • The Barber School Code (037013)


Log on to FAFSA.ED.Gov:


        • Apply for FSA ID number: (If under 24, parents need to apply for pin also)
        • Allow three to four  business days to process
        • Contact our Financial Aid Office


Log on to http://www.studentloans.gov to complete the following forms:


      • Master Promissory Note
      • Entrance Counseling


Gather proper documentation: Copy of High School Diploma, G.E.D or High School Transcript, original Transcript from school attended with seal, copy of Driver’s License, state issued ID or birth certificate, and social Security Card



To get started with the process, contact The Barber School today: www.thebarberschool.edu.