Gainful Employment-Disclosure


The Barber School provides adequate information in order for prospective students, prospective employees, currently enrolled students, currently employed staff and the general public to be well informed and make a sound decision when choosing our institution as the school of preference.



This institution provides training in recognized programs that prepare the students to “gainful employment”.   A recognized occupation is defined by a Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) or an Occupational Information Network O* NET-SOC code established by the Department of Labor.

Recognized Occupation code:

Barber 39-5011.00      CIP Code    12.0402

You can follow the link below for more information on the disclosure for Barbering


Program Costs:

Tuition                   14625.00

Registration          100.00

Kit & Books          900.00

TOTAL COST    15625.00

NACCAS Completion Rates (Based on 2009-2010 Award Year)

Job Placement Rate:                           90%

Licensure Rate:                                    100%

On Time Completion Rate:               50%


Median Loan Debt:  9454.00